My name is Max Martinez and I created the Miami Legacy out of pure passion. Miami is where I was born and I looked up to David Beckham growing up, so I took an idea and told the story of why Legacy is the perfect name for
​Miami's MLS team.


   “If I could just sit down and have a coffee with David Beckham, it would all be worth it.”

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    I created this project from scratch 2 years ago. The name, logo, colors, sponsorships, website, every stitch on the jerseys, and all the social media posts took up the extra time I had for 6 months. Jerseys and sponsors change, but names last forever, and I want it to be something everyone involved with the team, from players to fans, is proud of.
   Miami Legacy represents Miami, Beckham, the rise of football in America, and the beginning of a new era. My motivation wasn’t money or fame, but instead to earn the chance to brainstorm with one of my idols about the creative direction of his team. Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope you enjoy it, and share it if you love it!