Dear Becks and Future Fans,

I truly believe that hard work will help you achieve anything you want in your life. When I was younger, I wanted to be like Beckham, but never became that. Now that real life has kicked in and I can’t be a pro athlete, my dream has evolved into working and brainstorming with Beckham because that's what I do now and how I would love to help and get to work with someone I have admired for so long..
Growing up in Miami in the early 2000s, my screen name on AIM was MiamiBeckham23 and believe that I was meant to at least attempt this. Miami is an extremely athletic place that breeds athletes and I was (once upon a time) one of them. I played soccer, then went and became an AAU basketball player, a top 20 tennis player in Florida, a Nike Football Combine champion, and went to play running back at Cornell, but I always played soccer in my free time and loved the game, but especially Beckham. He is someone who has overcome so obstacles and risen to the occasion and is a one of a kind player. When he came to Madrid, it was like a dream come true. My dad, a Real Madrid socio, took us to Madrid every summer to see my abuelos, I 'd play a ton of soccer and have a ton of fun, but then wouldn’t touch a ball again for another 9 months. I would wear my David Beckham jerseys around everywhere because I have always loved collecting jerseys and watching (mostly long distance texting during) the games with my dad, but didn’t have anything to motivate me to chase the possibility of making it in soccer because there was nothing around to. No one said soccer was a possibility in Miami.
Back then, nothing was encouraging me to play soccer, but I created this concept because I feel like it will eliminate that from ever happening to any kid growing up in Miami again. The Legacy will be revered around the world and people from everywhere will want a chance to play for it. It will be a team that combines international stars with Americans, therefore raising both the play of the MLS and US Soccer. Finally, Miami, a city that is made up of predominantly Latin Americans and internationals, will be able to watch and grow up playing the beautiful game live in person, and actually believe in the dream of making it to the MLS, Europe, and as high as they want in the world, maybe even becoming the next David Beckham. Miami will have a team for the youth to look up to, a system in place to develop them, and, most-importantly, a great soccer mind and genuine person as an owner. 

I really want to see someone I looked up to contnue to succeed and the city that raised me get a team it has deserved for a long time, positive attention for a change, and to become the mecca of United States Soccer. After seeing the city both as a youth, and then as an adult who has been all over the country, I really feel like this could rally the city of Miami in a way like never seen before, and that is all I want out of this. There's no such thing as bandwagon here because this is all a very new concept to Miami and it will welcome everyone to become a part of the Legacy.

Becks, if you ever see this and got through the whole thing, thanks for your time. You are inspirational and it means a lot that you took the time to read my concept. I don't want money or ownership rights, but just a few minutes to pick your brain in person.

-Max Martinez

P.S. Even though I am not a designer, I know quite a bit about jerseys and Beckham. Want to know more about me? @maxmartinez8 on IG, @maxmartinez on Twitter. Feel free to share your thoughts, nice or mean.

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