Miami's vibrance and passion come from the water. It symbolizes the beauty of both the city and its' immigrants. There's a lot more beyond South Beach.
A soccer ball is made up of 12 pentagons that connect 20 hexagons. On the football, the pentagons unite all of the hexagons. It’s a shape that is strong and bold. It stands out with its connotation of authority.  

It's the mix of cultures that makes Miami unqiue. Football is a universal language. As of 2010, 63% of the population of Miami spoke only Spanish at home, 28% spoke English, 4% Haitian Creole, and 0.55% spoke Portuguese as native languages. The Legacy has the potential to make Miami the soccer hub of young soccer talent in the United States, unite millions, and progress the sport even further.

To represent the mix of cultues, different gradients of red, yellow, and blue were chosen. At least one of these colors is found in all of the Latin American, English, and US flags.
Bright Red (RGB #E44930)
Royal Blue (RGB #4169E2)
Soft Gold (RGB #F0CD79)
The Crown

Beckham is football royalty and is bringing the passionate city of Miami the team it has wanted.