“I want to create a team that can be very personal, my own team.” 

Manchester United Legend
Real Madrid Galactico
2x MLS Champion
Ligue 1 Champion
6-year Captain of England
Legendary Free Kicks
Precise Passing
MLS Pioneer
Winner and Champion
Fashionable Family Man

Husband and Father of 4
Adidas Athlete
Tudor Watch Ambassador
Face of H&M Line
Unicef Goodwill Ambassador
Gentleman and Global Icon

A football legend who is bringing the city of Miami something it has really wanted for a long time, the team name should have something that reflects his accomplishments. The genuine people’s person, Becks fits in wherever he goes because of his authenticity and the passion he puts into everything he does. A winner on the field and a gentleman off of it, he has touched millions. Wherever he goes, David Beckham leaves a legacy.