"People often think of the water when it comes to Miami, it is a vibrant city with a lot of passion.”  
Miami's water is beautiful, but is a lot more symbolic than people think. That vibrance and passion that Miami is known for comes from across that water in the forms of many different types of cultures and people. The water i what leads so many to the city that is a convenient hybrid for anyone from any country to adapt to because there's a guarantee that there is someone of their heritage who ended up there as well. It's the people's heritage that makes Miami special.

Behind The Name

Soccer here, football everywhere else, is a universal language. People play it in every country because all you need is a ball. As of 2010, 63% of the population of Miami-Dade County spoke only Spanish at home, 28% spoke English, 4% Haitian Creole, and 0.55% spoke Portuguese as their mother language. From the poorest to the rich, the Legacy can unite so many people in a way Miami has never seen. The Miami Legacy will not just become another MLS team, but it will become the People's Club celebrated around the world, just as Beckham envisioned.   
Miami is misunderstood.

Miami isn't Miami Beach and not all about the fast, crazy life all the time. The city is not fairweather, instead trendy, and has shown loyalty to the one owner and president who actually care about winning. Thank you Mickey Arison and Pat Riley for always giving Miami something to root for.
Miami is a little bit of everything and a mixture of heritages on the rise.

Why a pentagon?

The people of Miami and their heritage are what makes the city so unique. There are people who came from being doctors in Cuba who had to re-learn the language to be able to practice again, people who struggle every single day in a city that has a lot more poverty, not the luxury that the outside world sees, people who never leave because they couldn't imagine life being anything else, and lots of others, but it's all of those cultures and the city's heritage that makes it special. 
For that reason, I chose the team colors to be different gradients of red, yellow, and blue. At least one of these colors is found in all of the Latin American, English, and US flags.
Bright Red (RGB #E44930)
Royal Blue (RGB #4169E2)
Soft Gold (RGB #F0CD79)
Honoring Beckham's soccer royalty, I added a crown to give it the majestic feel I believe his team should have, and what I deem the "heritage" colors, I wanted the logo to symbolize the rise of Miami and soccer, so I threw it onto the only shape I could imagine Miami being and came up with this: