“I want to create a team that can be very personal, my own team.”  
David Beckham
is known in the football world for his accomplishments as a Man U and Real Madrid star, 6 year English captain, unbelievable free kicks and superb passes, and for being the player responsible for putting the MLS on the map. He is a soccer legend and has done pretty much all there is to be done in the sport he knows as football. Now he is taking on the sport from a different level, ownership. This is his team and he wants it to be personal.
Football didn't make David Beckham an international icon, but the fact that he’s a genuine people’s person and gives his full passion into everything he does. He faces new challenges with delight and is a gentleman wherever he goes. From being am Adidas athlete to underwear model to tattoo ambassador, he always keeps his family-first, stays humble, regularly participates as a Goodwill Ambassador, and has a deep compassion for those in need because he realizes how fortunate he has been. Everywhere he goes, he’s his genuine himself and impacts those around him.
Beckham's Miami MLS team name should have something that reflects that about him and his goals. He is a soccer legend who is bringing the city of Miami something it has really wanted for a long time. The people’s person, Becks fits in wherever he goes because of his passion and auhenticity. It’s the way he has spread his message through the game of football, assisting and giving to others, that has also made him an icon off the pitch as well. Wherever Beckham goes, he leaves an impact on others and forever creates a